Certification Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioner. This category of energy healers has been created in the spirit of healing the body by "following the energy". In this way, Morphogenic Field Technique Certified Practitioners are committing to regular study and practice of understanding the BodyField and by aligning with our ethical guidelines. 

Morphogenic Field Technique offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes covering Nutrition, Herbs and Homeopathy. Morphogenic Field Technique seminars are taught at numerous locations around the country. Most classes are 12 hours long, spanning two days. You can attend classes at your convenience. However, to be considered for certification the classes must be completed within a two year period. While completing the process, we highly recommend that between classes you practice in clinic to assure both technique proficiency and the passing of the written and practical tests. 

Becoming a Certified Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioner


  • Attendance at MFT Seminars: 96 hours (equivalent to 8, 12 hour seminars) 24 of these hours must be met through Basic Level Courses, the remaining 72 hours may be met by attending a mix of Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, "Unplugged", or "Behind the Scenes" Seminars.
  • A professional Health Care License or a Certification in Nutrition or Health.
  • Purchase of the needed MFT Basic and Advanced Test Kits (with accessories).
  • Complete and pass a written exam over material covered during seminars.
  • Perform a practical exam with an approved MFT Instructor.


  • Basic and Intermediate Level Seminars- $300-$350 each
  • Advanced Level Seminars- $350-$400 each
  • MFT Basic and Advanced Test Kits including accessories- $2,000-$3,000 (depending on your clinical needs)

Once certified, you will be recognized as a Certified MFT Practitioner on our website referral directory, as well as receive a certificate. To maintain certification you must complete 12 hours of additional MFT training each year.


Becoming a Certified Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioner
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