Certification Process Through Online Learning

Your educational journey begins with understanding the various Morphogenic Field Technique's certificate programs. The four levels of certification and education are:

  1. Fundamentals Certification for new Practitioners (MFT-FP)
  2. Morphogenic Field Technique Methods for intermediate Practitioners (MFT-IMP)
  3. Certified Morphogenic Field Technique for advanced Practitioners (MFT-CP)
  4. Experienced Morphogenic Field Technique for Practitioners who have mastered levels 1,2 and 3 and have earned the credentials to work with Energenomics technology (MFT-EEXP)

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Each certification level builds upon the previous as the practitioner gains experience and expertise as well as proficiencies in the various kits associated with the corresponding method of practice taught. All courses offer existing Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioners the opportunity to apply your seminar hours toward receiving a certificate of completion in each level of certification.

In addition, the MFT online program offers practice management tools to licensed physicians and nutritional professionals to aid in the implementation of the Morphogenic Field Technique into their holistic health practice.

Fundamentals Certification for new Practitioners (MFT-FP) Click here to Enroll!

WHO: The MFT-FP online course is open to all licensed healthcare professionals, their staff, and students currently enrolled in a university or college program for a degree or certificate in the healthcare field. To enroll you must have an account with Aduco, Biotics Research Inc., Standard Process or Energetix. Please contact us if you need assistance establishing an account in your area.

WHAT WILL I LEARN: While the Morphogenic Field Technique is a  symbiotic  combination of energetic healing with nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and lifestyle therapies. This course teaches practitioners to perform an essential procedure using Dr. Springob's proprietary cell energy kits combined with a variation of applied kinesiology or a modified form of muscle response testing and nutritional supplementation. MFT-FPs begin this process by understanding the nutritional, cellular and auto toxemia or immunity discovered within the morphogenic field. Once the nutritional, cellular and immune needs of the human body are known, practitioners are taught to develop a nutritional protocol that will bring about optimal transformation within the individual human energy field of the client/patient. Additionally you will learn:

  • According to the laws of  Quantum Physics, everything in the universe has a unique  energy signature or resonance. 
  • The role of the M-Field, the body’s extension of the autonomic nervous system that is searching the body’s immediate  environment  for matching or mismatching resonance.
  • The M-Field will show interest in a matching resonance. (Attraction)
  • Conversely, it will not be interested in a non-matching resonance. (Rejection) With a matching resonance/attraction the muscle being tested will remain  strong. With a mismatched resonance/rejection, the muscle being tested will become  weak.
  • As you begin the MFT procedure, you will be taught to measure the M-Field. This  opens  the communication with the field.
  • You will be taught to systematically test the M-Field with our series of test kits as you perform a modified muscle response test.
  • This is done in a specific order to find the priority of the field.
  • You will be taught what to do when the M-Field  attracts to our test kit (weak muscle test).
  • You will be taught to determine when the M-Field is not attracted  to an MFT test kit (strong muscle test).

WHAT WILL I NEED TO COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATION: After following all of the assigned course work, you will need to coordinate a meeting with our curriculum specialist, Corey Pearson. She will help you develop an implementation plan for the resources you will need to perform the procedure taught within the Fundamentals program. The kits are of central importance to understanding how to expand an individual’s energy signature, Morphogenic Field or M-Field and are a required part of the curriculum. It is recommended the kits are purchased in accordance with enrollment so students have time to practice and become proficient. Click here for order details for the kits that are required to perform the Basic Procedure.

HOW: The required course work has been developed so that students may access the information online in a pace and environment that supports their learning.

  • Male/Female M-Field Test Vials (shipped to you at registration)
  • 5 instructional modules to learning with over 220 minutes of video lessons taught by Dr. Springob
  • Over 200 pages of study guides, with quizzes and activities designed to enhance your learning
  • In depth charts and illustrations to use with clients
  • Final assessment test to earn Fundamental Level Certification for MFT
  • 30 Minute Zoom Meeting with Dr. Springob to demonstrate the proficiencies you’ve earned and receive dynamic feedback to enhance your skill and understanding
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to the program
  • Regular office hours with our MFT experts and administrative support available to aid you in your learning

To graduate from the MFT-FP program, an online test requiring 80% pass rate must be competed. You must also have Dr. Springob's evaluation rate of 80% in his observation of your skills. 

The course offers students lifetime access however the curriculum and assigned quizzes, work and tests and Zoom meetings must be completed in a 24-month period of time, starting with the date of enrollment. 

If the course is not completed within 24-months, a reinstatement fee of $150 will be charged.


Additional Information will be coming soon about the next level of certification. We expect it to be available by 11/15/2020!

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Live Events are currently available in certain geographic areas reflecting safety and passivity in regards to public meetings. All students who enroll in the online academy gain access to live events that will go towards your certification! 

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