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Thousands of combinations of virtual energies are included in our test kits. In the right circumstance, each has the potential to cause a muscle response when introduced to the BodyField/M-field in a structured way. Some of these energy vials represent environmental "problems" and others represent healing "solutions". These energies, presented to the Field in a structured procedure, are the reason we get great results using the Morphogenic Field Technique.

Co-developer Nick Lamothe, PhD, explains, 

“The virtual energies in the test kits elicit a direct response from the autonomic nervous system through interaction with the M-field. Although it is not hard-wired like the actual nerves, the Field acts as an electromagnetic extension of the nervous system. As such, it reacts through the known channels of afferent and efferent communication to the spindle apparatus of the locked muscle being tested.

Morphogenic Field Technique test vials are virtual reproductions of the energy signatures of real objects. The bioenergetic transferring process reproduces the electromagnetic resonance of whatever molecular structure you wish to copy.

When the M-field is exposed to appropriate samples, they are perceived in the somatosensory cortex of the brain. In other words, the test kit samples represent stimuli the brain can reference and respond to as if they are real substances. In clinical practice, the practitioner can observe the effect of the muscle response as these energy signatures are introduced to the body’s natural energetic field and gathers nutritional information during the procedure.”


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