Your Personal Energy Field and Your Diet

Your Personal Energy Field and Your Diet

Your Personal Energy Field and Your Diet

The Morphogenic Field, or M-Field, is the field of energy that radiates in all directions from the human body. It is a classic torus energy pattern, and is the cumulative energy of each cell, tissue, organ, and organ system in the human body.  While words such as Morphogenic and torus may be new to many people, everybody has an M-Field, including the reader of this blog.

The Morphogenic Field Technique is based upon the premise that a large and balanced M-Field is the greatest indicator of a person’s total health. The size and symmetry of the M-Field is determined by multiple factors which are mainly environmental, including the food you eat. The formation and behavior of cells depends heavily upon what nutrients are available to them. Therefore, we assert that diet is most important factor in creating a large and balanced M-Field.

One cannot accurately address the issue of diet without acknowledging the poor quality of the food supply in America. Over the past 150 years, large commercial food processors and big agribusiness have corrupted our food. Done in the name of convenience, this degradation has been unrelenting and seems to be accelerating.

We believe that empowering people to choose the right food by acknowledging its effect on the Morphogenic Field may create a tipping point for this trend. As consumers demand better food, we can push back against this trend and replace “food products” with actual food.  


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