Clinical Nutrition with Energy Testing: Gain your Vitality

We believe that being alive is not the same as living. We believe in returning to the ways that Mother Nature provided. And we believe in helping others to navigate their journey to the version of health they choose. We do that by actively listening, by thinking outside the box, and by using tools that come from nature. That’s what the body truly wants!

Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) is an non-invasive alternative healing modality practiced by hundreds of natural health care practitioners across the country. We teach and practice the use of energy healing alongside nutrition, herbs, nutraceuticals and homeopathy. 

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Homeopathic, Nutritional and Herbal Focused Seminars

We offer various Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of MFT classes. Our policy is to only use Truly Natural Nutritional, Herbs, Homeopathy, and Essential Oils in our testing. We work with several product lines to help us achieve the best results for expanding and balancing the M-Field.

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"Using the energy field is truly the next paradigm shift in applied kinesiology! After two seminars, I now exclusively use the Morphogenic Field Technique for testing. Measuring the body’s energy field turns out to be the best way to determine how the patient is doing and how to move them in the direction of healing faster and more effectively. I’m seeing great results. Thank you, Dr. Springob, for revolutionizing my practice!

— Mark Zumhagen, MD, Chicago area family medicine physician

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