Informational Webinars

How to become a Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioner
During this video, Dr. Springob will highlight the topics learned throughout the course. Through this course he will lead you on an exploration of why he belives that many of modern society’s health problems result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations which include:

  • Nutritional, cellular, and immune needs of the human body from an MFT perspective with a specific focus on digestion, hydration, blood sugar regulation, dietary fats and mineral balance.Unique Learning Paths 

  • The history of energetic healing along with its place inside the concept of Quantum Physics.

  • Current research on toxins from such sources as GMOs and the environment and how exposure impacts the functions of the body.
  • The history of the “Modern diet” and the role of proceed foods in the decline of health.
  • Measuring the M-Field.
  • How to systematically test the M-Field as you perform a modified muscle response test.
  • Ways to communicate with clients about their nutritional needs and develop a protocol to help clients regain or maintain optimal health through supplements, herbs, homeopathy, and lifestyle changes discovered through the Morphogenic Field Technique.
  • How to implement MFT confidently into your practice while enhancing your current services.
  • Learning MFT from a cellular/biochemical perspective and the continual journey into the mastery of MFT from a genetic perspective.


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Additional Informational Videos

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Introduction to the Cytokine Storm Webinar

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Covid Updates and Related Care From and MFT Perspective

There have been many new Covid-19 components that have evolved in the past several months relating to secondary Covid-19 considerations. Watch, listen and learn Dr. Springob's updated approach to care.

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