M-Field Signature Matching®

M-Field Signature Matching

What does it mean to match the energy signature of your body to the energy signature of your food?

The science of quantum physics exists to explain the phenomena of the smallest pieces of structure known to man. At the core of all structure is energy. The human body consists of many “systems” of physiological function such as the digestive system, the nervous system, the circulatory system, etc.

Each of these systems is made up of organs. Organs are made up of tissues, which are made up of cells. If you go even smaller, you discover molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles, which are comprised of packets of energy wholeness known as the quantum.

Energy Signatures

Each level of matter and each level of life has an “energy signature” that is unique. Your personal energy signature is the sum of all of the trillions of energy signatures that go into your makeup. Your energy signature is greatly influenced by your immediate environment—what you eat, your level of emotional stress, toxins that have entered your system and hundreds of other factors including your genetic make-up. In other words, your energy signature today is different from what it was last year, last week and even yesterday. It varies based upon your diet, sleep, stress and toxic exposure.

Your energy is represented by a field that constantly surrounds your body in a recognizable pattern call the “torus”. In our work, we call this the Morphogenic Field or M-Field. In a healthy person, it is a large and balanced field that radiates off the body to approximately 5-7 feet, based upon the MFT method of measurement. People with a large M-field are usually healthy, vibrant individuals. People with a small or distorted M-Field usually have some level of health challenge and are lacking in personal energy.

This torus pattern is found consistently in all scales of matter, from the atom to humans, to planets and even galaxies. Food also has an energy signature. The same torus pattern can be seen in the cross section of an apple or an orange. In MFT, we consider the torus to represent the energy signature of the atom, the fruit, the human or the planet. We use this, in combination with the science of muscle response testing, to match-up the energy signature of food with the energy signature of the person.

The food is presented to a person’s energy field with the intention of learning whether or not the food is an M-Field Signature Match to that person. If it matches, the food can be considered acceptable to that person. It the body rejects the food, we conclude that this food will not provide the body with the nutrients that it needs at that given time. We contend that “matched food” is nourishing to the body and “mismatched food” is a hindrance to that person’s health and wellbeing.

Our purpose in presenting this concept is to educate and empower people to seek food sources that will expand their M-Field and thus become healthier and more vibrant. If consumers seek food that nourishes and fuels the body, it goes a long way toward developing a supply-and-demand situation where the people who grow our food will move away from their current trend of degrading our food supply with processed and genetically engineered products.

M-Field Signature Matching consistently reveals that only the energy of organic whole food truly matches the energy signature of the body. This system is offered at 4-hour seminars throughout the country at regular intervals. For information regarding these classes, visit seminars.

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