Parasite Energies

Parasite Energies

Acknowledging in the energy of parasites within the human body is one of the great practical applications of the M-Field procedure. Dan Riskin, biologist and narrator of the television series “Monsters Inside Me” on the Animal Planet Channel, regularly states that “Everybody has them.”  Utilizing the M-Field Technique on thousands of patients, we have come to the conclusion that this is a valid statement. If this is indeed true, why are they so seldom diagnosed within the American medical system?

A local medical doctor stated that he agreed with the opinion of Dan Riskin, but noted that parasitic infestations are usually diagnosed following a stool sample. He felt that it was possible that the lab technicians either do not know what they are looking for, or they do not know what they’re looking at.

In my many years of doing muscle response testing procedures prior to the development of Morphogenic Field Technique, it was uncommon to find parasite energies using old testing procedures. When they did show up, they were usually found after several weeks or months of treatment. Once revealed, the patient’s symptoms usually improved rapidly.

With this in mind, we determined that in the development of the M-Field procedures, we would focus on layering energies in our test kits with a focus on uncovering hidden parasite energies within the body. After many months of experimenting with different types of layered energies, we accomplished this intended purpose. It is this capability and the use of the M-Field that has created many of our huge clinical successes. Both Chantea’s Story and Lexi’s Story in the book, Bugs in My Brain, Poison on My Plate tell of radical symptomatic improvement once these parasitic energies, which we call detrimentals, are handled with our nutritional and herbal protocols.

But first, the parasite energies must be acknowledged. The ability to find hidden parasite energies within the body with the Morphogenic Field Technique and the resulting symptomatic improvement for the patient has been extremely gratifying.

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