Pets Have a Morphogenic Field, Too!

Pets Have a Morphogenic Field Too

As a chiropractor, testing animals is neither routine nor legal for me. Additionally, the reality of real or potential allergies in my staff or patients means pets cannot come into the office. However, many of my patients understand the premise of the M-Field Technique and know that sound nutrition is the key to health in both humans and animals. With that in mind, I have occasionally caved-in to a very heart-felt appeal from a good patient to try and help their ailing pet. In these moments, I am not acting as a chiropractor but as a friend who might be able to lend a hand. They are always very thankful when their “patient” improves with the proper nutritional intervention.

The diet of domesticated animals has been subject to the same perversions as that of humans. So it is not surprising that they suffer similar consequences. As always, the answer to the problem is revealed by the M-Field of the animal being tested. Energy-signature testing is a perfect method for finding nutritional needs of patients who cannot communicate verbally, be it a human infant or any species of animal.  They cannot tell you their subjective complaints, which would usually inform proper decision-making. With the M-Field Technique, communication does not rely on verbal exchange since the information is transmitted in the form of a muscle response performed using the pet’s owner.

Another benefit to treating children and animals is that they harbor no pre-conceived ideas of the expected outcome, unlike many adult humans. Adult humans tend to over-think everything, which can, and often does, skew the outcome. In contrast, animals are just happy to be feeling better. It’s exciting to share this incredible healing procedure in service to the Animal Kingdom. I have observed that our furry and feathered friends have their own way of expressing thanks to the healthcare provider who assists them in feeling better.

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