Become an MFT Practitioner


Positive changes happen when the body is put back into balance with nature, living in sync with Earth’s cycles.

As Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioners, we set ourselves apart by educating and empowering Americans to make responsible decisions about their healthcare. We encourage positive, healthy choices that stabilize the environment and our food supply. The healing power of the M-Field allows us to work together with nature for everyone's benefit.

We "follow the energy"

MFT practitioners are not trained to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose disease.  Instead, we use science-based tools to systematically extract environmental information directly from the body’s nervous system resonance.

Through easy-to-follow steps, you will learn how to communicate with the the body’s biological energy field, as well as uncover hidden layers of energetic health challenges.

And in seminars, you will learn the Body's Energy Field concepts that qualify you as an field energy healer. Testing kits, manuals, and step-by-step videos are then used for your at-home practical learning.







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