Why MFT chose these companies for nutritional supplementation solutions

Morphogenetic Field Technique works with three major product lines to offer solutions to improve the general health of the individual by addressing bio-individual problems presented by the M-Field. 
These companies have been chosen to provide the practitioner with a range of treatment options. MFT strongly suggests that the practitioner, over time, build up to using all three product lines. Even though each product line might seem to provide a similar solution, the energy of the products and their ability to neutralize the problem energies in the MFT test kits are of greatest importance to the M-Field Practitioner. Many similar sounding products are formulated differently and therefore have a different energy. The way the supplement ingredients are extracted/grown/blended, the ingredient levels used, or the delivery system employed, an individual’s M-Field might resonate with a certain product over another.

MFT keeps these criteria in mind when seeking out nutritional solutions: 

1. Company integrity- Industry leadership
2. Quality of product: ingredients and manufacturing practices
3. Unique approach to addressing nutritional needs 
4. Wide range of product offerings in a variety of areas
5. Purity- lack of fillers, extra ingredients that compromise communication with the M-Field
6. Product availability and company support 

"The statements provided about these nutritional supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


Dr. Springob often shares about when he was doing research on body toxins and was testing exposure to Smart Meters, he developed a rash on his arms. The only thing that helped clear up the rash was combination of homeopathic products from Energetix.

Energetix has been providing highly integrated nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic products since 1997. With their non-suppressive, therapeutic formulas, they have an ability to address health concerns that result from an increasingly toxic and imbalanced environment. Energetix products are synergistic and are formulated for bioavailability with meticulously sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality products.
The products are created with a full recognition of the body’s energetic fields and an appreciation for their influence on the body as a whole. 

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Standard Process

One of MFT’s recognized nutrition pioneers is Dr Royal Lee. His whole food philosophy to cellular support was ground-breaking at the time of his initial research back in 1929. Standard Process was the nutrition supplement company born of his research.

His goal was to provide nutrients as they are found in nature – in a whole food state where he believed their natural potency and efficacy would be realized. SP starts with whole foods – like peas, radishes, and beets. Then, they prepare these ingredients in a way that safeguards their nutritional value.

A whole food supplement is a complex formula that includes whole food-based plant ingredients, plant, and animal extracts, desiccates, or synthetic ingredients as required to create the best dietary supplement for each health indication. 

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